Solicitor Services and Law Firms

Education law

This deals with issues regarding different levels of education in different states. education solicitors fight for the improvement of the quality of education in the state, increasing access to high quality education and ensuring that legislation passed are favourable for the sector.

Extra information about education solicitors

Law can be defined as both a science and art. It involves rules and regulations created by the legislative arm of government and executed through the judicial system. Law can be divided into different categories including criminal, civil, common and statute law among others. People who practice law are known as lawyers or attorneys. So what type of law services are available and who provides them?

Family Law 

This deals with Family related issues such as divorce, prenuptial arrangements, spousal support, child support, child custody and adoptions. Family Lawyers are specialists in this field and they represent clients in Birmingham Court and in out of family court settlements. They assist clients in completing and filing paper work and arguing cases in the court room.

Criminal law

This branch of law deals with people who are either victims of a crime or they are suspected of committing the crime. Prosecutors represent the government and are tasked with proving the case beyond reasonable doubt while the defence attorneys argue the case on behalf of the accused.

Civil law

This is a broad area of law involving matters that are not of a criminal nature. There are different classes of law that fall under this category including tax law, contractual law, real estate law, bankruptcy law and many more. In some cases, civil matters may end up in the court room when the matter cannot be settled out of court. In such a case, civil litigation attorneys represent those involved.

Solicitors versus Barristers

A solicitor works with individuals, companies and other groups of people to provide legal advice and support. They work directly with clients offering advice and representing them in cases. Although most solicitors are also litigators, they can specialise in a field of their liking. Barristers on the other hand are often hired by solicitors to represent clients. They examine the case, give advice to clients depending on the strength of the case and the application of the law with special regards to the case at hand. Both solicitors and barristers must have professional legal qualifications but their levels of expertise and specialisation differ.

General practice lawyers

These are lawyers or attorneys whom, instead of specialising in a specific area of law, they provide services on a wide range of legal issues. However, this does not mean that they will not have a specific area of law that they are inclined towards. Given their experience over time, they can handle most legal issues really well.

The legal profession and field is as diversified as any other field. Whether you are looking for specialised lawyers or general practice lawyers, they are at your disposal. However, you need to discuss their level of expertise and experience before you can hire them for the provision of any legal services.